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Enos Reunion 2024
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Hawaiʻi Island
June 25-29, 2024
Reunion Information
Date & Time

A wake (aweawe) is the pathway left behind a moving canoe (waʻa). As the waʻa sails forward, the thin wake gets longer and wider. The waʻa represents our kūpuna and the wake represents all of their hard work and knowledge that they shared and continue to share with us. This wake will continue to grow and expand through our use, our adding to this knowledge bank and through our passing it on to the next generation of family members. It is a comforting reminder that we will never be lost if we continue to sail in their wake. In this way our ʻohana will always live on. Ola ka ʻohana ʻo Enos!

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In The Wake of Our Ancestors

Shirt Order

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Reunion Fees

Please pay dues by JUNE 1ST.

$105 - 11 yrs and older

$54 - 3-10 yr olds

Free - 2 and under

Payment Options:

Zelle: (480)620-7585 or

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